Our Employees

What makes Manz such a special company? Its employees. Because they are the ones who work passionately each and every day on making advancements to Manz's technologies. In the following, several of our employees introduce the area of the company in which they work and contribute to Manz's success.

Our Employees

Karl-Heinz G., project manager:

“I run complex projects at Manz, so my job involves a lot of different responsibilities. In the course of a project, I work on bringing a machine or complete production system to life and then handing it over to the customer as a fully functional high-tech production solution.

It’s a lot of fun to work with colleagues from various departments and with demanding international customers, who are, after all, the most important people involved in the project.”

My main tasks at Manz are:

  • Defining work packages and project plans after taking the project over from sales
  • Close coordination with the customer over the entire course of the project
  • Leading negotiations, if necessary, when the customer makes changes after the project begins
  • Coordination of all departments involved, such as Purchasing, Software, Design, Image Processing and Assembly
  • Continuous monitoring of the work packages and milestones for cost and deadlines, and initiating countermeasures if anything goes off track
  • Managing the employees working on the project

Martin M., Team Leader Engineering:

"At Manz, we work on appealing and challenging projects as part of an international team. I have the ability to act on my own responsibility in a highly innovative environment, help my employees achieve their full potential, and do my share to bring about the energy revolution!"

My main duties at Manz include:

  • Developing my team members' individual skills and potential, so that they can complete the duties assigned to them
  • Training employees on the latest state of technology in their areas of activity
  • Project and human resource management
  • Developing drafts and detailed plans of mechanical components and equipment based on specifications and requirements
  • Responsibility for defining safety concepts and adhering to statutory regulations and provisions
  • Supporting external design partners
  • Creating, managing, processing, and archiving documents
  • Responsibility for drawing up and adhering to budget planning

Dr. Jens H., R&D developer for measurement technology:

“Manz offers me an exciting, international work environment where I can independently use the latest measurement and image processing technologies in a wide range of industries.”

My main tasks at Manz are:

  • Supporting and managing development projects in image processing and measurement technology
  • Choosing and testing hardware components (cameras, lenses, lighting, etc.)
  • Developing and testing project-related software solutions
  • Running tests and feasibility studies
  • Supporting external development partners
  • Coordinating technical issues with the customer
  • Preparing and facilitating internal and customer training
  • Drawing up the necessary product documentation
  • Helping sales to write up offers

Lisa S., consultant for Sales & Business Development Energy Storage:

“Working at Manz, I can fill my workdays with exciting ideas. I observe and analyze events on the world market for lithium-ion batteries. My core tasks involve observing and evaluating all the participants’ activities and keeping Manz up on them. From that I derive the bases for deciding on our strategic direction in the Energy Storage segment.”

My main tasks at Manz are:

  • Supporting management of the technical and sales departments in developing the marketing strategy and helping with its implementation
  • Reappraising, preparing and maintaining the marketing status and reporting to the VP of battery sales
  • Observing the market and performing market, competitive and cost analyses in close cooperation with the product units; presenting the results to the unit heads
  • Building a network of potential strategic partners
  • Regularly attending national and international trade shows and professional conferences

Bernd C., Start-up Engineer:

"Working in Final Inspection, I am confronted with new challenges each and every day. I know that by carrying out my work, I contribute a small part to the overall success of our company."

My main duties at Manz Slovakia include:

  • Start-up of printing lines for crystalline solar cells and sapphire glasses
  • Start-up of laser processing machines
  • Start-up of prototypes with focus on laser

Siegbert S., Team Leader, Machines/Consumables Shipping:

"In this international company, I can act on my own responsibility to play an active role in achieving Manz's vision of a solar world that is a nice place to live in – and as a result, work with my colleagues on bringing about the energy revolution."

My main duties at Manz include:

  • Coordinating with and supporting external packaging service providers
  • Maintaining safety in the workplace
  • Planning the use of resources
  • Preparing, planning, and carrying out the packaging of equipment and consumables
  • Planning measuring appointments
  • Inspecting packaging lists and packaging materials (pictorial documentation of equipment packaging)
  • On-schedule provision of packaged equipment for further processing
  • Securing shipments and loading export containers

Rebekka R., HR Representative:

"At Manz AG, I have a significant amount of freedom and can play a role in shaping my working environment myself. People are open to new ideas here."

My main duties at Manz include:

  • Preparing, conducting, and reviewing monthly wage and salary calculations
  • Maintaining and monitoring labor time management
  • Inspecting travel expense reports
  • Advising and supporting existing employees
  • Carrying out statistical HR analyses
  • Maintaining the HR database
  • Managing, processing, and archiving documents
  • Conducting administrative HR tasks related to employees joining and leaving the company