Growth Markets


Storing energy is one of the future’s most important topics. And this doesn’t only apply to forms of storage in conjunction with renewable energies, like wind and solar, but even more so to batteries that can be used in the field of electric transportation.

Experts forecast one million electric-powered vehicles in Europe by 2015 alone, and optimistic estimates even predict nine million units by 2020. At the same time, the European market for hybrid vehicles, as a first step for automobile manufacturers on their way to an electric future, will grow significantly faster. Forecasts predict that there will be demand for 29 million units a year by 2020.

Based on the current state of technology, about 100 battery cells are currently used in electric vehicles. They are designed extremely flat, which allows them to be built into the vehicles in various ways. The biggest advantage of this form of storage is a sustainable drive concept if the electricity is generated from renewable energies like solar, wind, or water power. This demonstrates the enormous significance of the relationship between alternative engines and renewable energies.

The Manz Group is once again at the forefront of this segment, fervently working as a partner in a research project on the development of efficient manufacturing technology for lithium-ion batteries.