CIGS fab

Using CIGSfab, Manz is the world’s only provider of a fully integrated, turnkey production line for manufacturing CIGS thin-film solar modules.

CIGS fab

Regardless of whether Manz’s customers want to use the production line for manufacturing and selling CIGS thin-film solar modules or use the completed solar modules to set up solar parks and produce energy for internal use or sale: With CIGSfab, Manz offers an excellent investment option in today’s most profitable, efficient solar technology to their customers worldwide.

CIGS technology: Past – Present – Future

After taking on the CIGS production line, including licenses and technology expertise from Würth Solar, Manz has converted Würth’s line into an innovation line. Manz works with the industry’s largest team of CIGS technology experts to transition the research results of its exclusive development partner — the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research at Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) — into mass production. With 22.6 % effectiveness on a laboratory cell, the ZSW holds the world record for effectiveness over all thin-film solar technologies.

This will advance Manz’s CIGS research and development as quickly as possible. With a current record efficiency of up to 16 % of CIGSfab and a reliable technology roadmap for future increases of efficiency, Manz guarantees its customers maximum investment security. Today and in the future.