Manz CIGS Solar Modules

Manz CIGS solar modules are energy efficient, versatile, elegant and modern – they bring energetic, creative, constructive and economic levels into line.

Manz CIGS Solar Modules

Together with its partners in the CIGS technology, Manz can fall back on nearly 40 of experience. The aesthetically demanding CIGS solar modules by Manz are produced on the latest high-tech equipment in compliance with the the strictest quality standards at the Manz CIGSinnoline at the Schwäbisch Hall location.

CIGS thin-film solar modules
Thin-film modules consist of semiconductors that are only a few microns thick and which are deposited on a carrier of thin, non-tempered glass.
The CIGS thin-film technology is based on a wafer-thin, conductive film of copper-indium-gallium-selenium (in short CIGS). Manz CIGS thin-film solar modules currently have an efficiency level of up to 14.6 percent (aperture efficiency of 15.9 percent) and offer compelling advantages in contrast to other thin-film modules as well as crystalline silicon-based solar cells:

  • Optics

Manz CIGS solar modules can be supplied with or without a frame and have a simple, modern and elegant look. They thus allow uniform surfaces, which can be integrated well architecturally
In addition, CIGS modules can be designed in colors or printed with designs. Our solar modules are so powerful that the complete system is still economical even with customized printing.
Transparency or translucency can be achieved by the selective removal of individual coated areas.

  • Excellent temperature coefficient

Heating of the solar modules results in a reduction of performance. Even in bright sunshine, the low temperature coefficient of CIGS modules results in an energy yield that is significantly better – despite increased surface heat – compared to crystalline solar modules.

  • Sustainability

The so-called Energy Payback Time measures the time in which the investment returns the energy that was needed for its production. This breaks down to about one year in Manz CIGS modules – which is significantly shorter than for crystalline silicon-based solar modules. Additionally, the efficient production process at the CIGSinnoline and the very low material use sustainably preserves resources.

Manz CIGS solar modules are produced according to customer requirements making the creation of a customized front possible. Generally, the glass edges have a color-matched, ceramic screen printing resulting in a homogeneous color effect.
We also have patchwork modules in addition to modules in the standard size of 1,200 mm x 600 mm. These consist of several sub-modules which have a common front glass pane. The maximum size of patchwork modules is currently 2,900 mm. The front glass pane can be personalized.

The following designs are possible:

CIGS module in standard size 1,200 mm x 600 mm

CIGS patchwork module with 2 submodules, crosswise

CIGS patchwork module with 2 submodules, lengthwise

CIGS patchwork module with 3 submodules, crosswise

CIGS patchwork module with 4 submodules, crosswise

CIGS patchwork module with 4 submodules, lengthwise