Laser Processing Technology

Laser Processing Technology

Manz AG is working intensively on new methods to increase both the efficiency of solar cells and throughput rates, while at the same cutting solar cell manufacturing costs.

To do so, Manz AG uses high-efficiency laser processes which can be used to achieve this goal.

In the Manz OneStep Selective Emitter process, selective emitter structures are created using a laser. Specially developed laser optics allow parts of the phosphorous, present after diffusion in phosphorus glass, to be carefully diffused again to the surface of the solar cell without any defects. As a result, the doping with phosphor atoms can be locally increased, thus significantly boosting the conductivity between the silicon wafer and the contact fingers.

In conjunction with Manz’s HAP (high-accuracy printer), an increase in the solar cell’s efficiency of up to 0.5% can be achieved. During the development of these systems, Manz took steps to ensure that existing cell production lines could be upgraded.

Manz’s laser systems can also be used in other process steps:

  • Laser edge isolation
  • Laser drilling to generate back-contact cells such as MWT and EWT
  • Opening dielectric layers
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