Lithium-Ion Batteries

The basis for this future-oriented business area is the successful synergy of expertise from Manz, the high-tech machine manufacturer, and the Majer company, which was acquired in 2008 and has long-term experience in the paper- and & film-processing market segment.

Machines for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries have been developed and produced since the beginning of 2009. In addition to the ongoing manufacture of new system solutions, Manz has also decided to pursue the advancement of manufacturing technologies for the mass production of lithium-ion batteries. Manz’s services in this segment range from battery cell manufacturing (reel to cell) to assembling the individual cells into a battery system (cell to system). This means that, in addition to solar technology, Manz is also an early pioneer in the upcoming large market for electric vehicles.

The experience gained during the commercialization of the display and solar industries can be applied in this new, promising market segment.

Based on this experience, Manz will also play a substantial role in cutting manufacturing costs in this emerging industry, thereby helping electric vehicles to make their breakthrough more quickly.

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