Thin-film Solar Modules – Overview

When developing new concepts, our focus is on the economical manufacture of thin-film solar cells. The resulting cuts to production costs contribute bit by bit to grid parity being reached.

Manz AG’s products combine both an increase in efficiency as well as significant savings. This means we offer our clients around the world the ability to meet their increased competitive demands.

Manz AG unites its entire range of services for the efficient manufacture of thin-film solar modules under the “Total Fab Solution” concept. Based on long-term experience in the development and implementation of automation solutions for entire factories in the display industry, Manz can offer a wide-ranging portfolio of products for glass handling, storage and buffering of glass substrates, and conveying equipment. In addition, Manz offers equipment for mechanically scribing CIS and CIGS layer systems as well as equipment for laser scribing and laser edge isolation for all established thin-film systems (aSi, aSi/μcSi, CI(G)S, and CdTe), and laser cutting equipment for cutting glass substrates. Wet chemical etching equipment to clean or pre-etch the TCO layer as well as vacuum equipment for the deposition of front and back contacts and absorber layers rounds out Manz’s range of products.

The Manz Group is the global market leader for laser-scribing equipment, with an estimated market share of approx. 60%, and sets international standards when it comes to equipment for manufacturing thin-film solar modules.