LDI Platform „Speed Light 2D”

With SpeedLight 2D Manz offers a laser direct imaging platform for the efficient production of high-resolution premium and XL printed circuit boards.

LDI Platform „Speed Light 2D”

Eficient production of pcbs with laser direct imaging

Manz has more than 25 years’ experience in developing high-tech equipment for the manufacture of high-efficiency printed circuit boards. A s a provider of wet chemical processing equipment Manz has earned a market leading position. Recently, the first systems were successfully installed at customers in Germany.
With the acquisition of KLEO Halbleitertechnik GmbH we could expand our technology portfolio with laser direct imaging of printed circuit boards. Our platform Manz SpeedLight 2D and its integration in the existing solutions for the manufacture of printed circuit boards make – in comparison with the conventional photolithographic process – an increase in the efficiency and flexibility of the product and the production process as well as significant cost savings of up to 75 %.

Conventional photolithography (exemplary presentation)

LDI lithography with SpeedLight 2D

The throughput time for LDI lithography is several times shorter than for the conventional photolithographic method. Thus adjustments, changes and eliminations of errors can be implemented more quickly and at significantly lower costs.


Twin-stage system
The double table system provides the highest possible throughput, which is determined solely by the exposure time. During the exposure of the first panel, a
new one can be registered at the same time on the second table. 180 two-sided panels per hour can be processed.

Lighting unit
288 laser beams are formed on the panel by 9 polygon modules, significantly increasing throughput in comparison with other technologies. Perfect polygon mirror surfaces as well as ideal placement and balancing guarantee the required precision of the deflection in the micrometer range. The polygon mirrors rotating at more than 50,000 rpms are air cushioned. Thus they are wear-free with uniformly high precision.

Realtime scaling/Distortion compensation
Distortions are compensated with the use of powerful graphics processors without a reduction in throughput. The data are manually or automatically
adjusted to the forms of distortion.

Simple light source service
Almost all wearing parts are designed so that they can be replaced by the user itself. In particular, the simple replacement e.g. of one of the 288 laser light sources increases the availability of the machine and leads to a significant reduction of service.

Integrated solution or standalone equipment

Manz SpeedLight 2D for laser direct imaging is available as a standalone piece of equipment or as a solution for integration into a production line. the system is fully compatible with existing resist processes for inner layer and outer layer resists and solder resists.

Manz SpeedLight 2D
Integrated Solution

  • Loading
  • Pre-cleaning
  • First buffer
  • Dry film laminator (third-party product)
  • Second buffer
  • Laser direct imaging
  • Third buffer
  • Mylar peeler (third-party product)
  • Developer
  • Unloading

Manz SpeedLight 2D
Standalone Equipment

  • Second buffer
  • Laser direct imaging
  • Third buffer