A vocational training program at Manz is everything but boring and repetitive. The following is an overview of all the things you can experience as a vocational trainee at Manz!


To improve vocational trainees’ team spirit and feeling of unity, there are a number of different shared activities you can participate in at Manz.
Each summer, all the vocational trainees, DHBW students, and interns go on an excursion together such as climbing at a high ropes course or going on a canoe trip.

And our trainees also play sports – The Manz Kickers soccer team participates in an annual soccer tournament for companies with vocational trainees. In 2010, the team came in third!

Trainee Health Day

The Trainee Health Day is held once a year. Under the direction of an instructor, the trainees address theoretical topics related to health, diet, fitness, and sports. In addition, topics such as nutrition and addictions are also discussed. To ensure that the day is fun for all those involved, every now and then the entire group does practical exercises to keep the mood light. The goal of these exercises is to maintain body control in various situations. Whether a relay race with “drunk goggles,” relaxation exercises for a long workday, or a slackline course on Manz AG’s premises, the exercises are all fun and contribute to the group’s feeling of unity.

Trainee Rally

In contrast to the health day, the rally is a completely internal event, and is carried out by existing trainees for the newcomers.

Under the direction of trainees that have already spent some time with the company, the new trainees work their way through a variety of different stations. These all have the same goal: helping make the transition to professional life easier for the new and, in most cases, fairly young coworkers. In addition, the tricky team exercises help the trainees get to know each other better. The exercises range from tasks specific to Manz, such as estimating the cost of office supplies, and questions on occupational safety to the rights and duties of vocational trainees. Playful exercises such as tying ties and an animated video about “Solar Power and the Way Solar Panels Work” round out this exciting day.


Girls’ Day (Girls’ Future Day) serves to get young girls in 5th grade and above thinking about their future careers. This day gives them the opportunity to check out jobs typically held by men. On Girls’ Day, they can get a closer look at various workplaces in fields such as science, technology, IT, or different trades. And Manz also opens its doors each year for interested girls from around the region.

In Manz’s own training workshop, vocational trainees help them manufacture different workpieces such as a witch’s key or a drill plate.

Training Courses

During their vocational training program, all trainees participate in additional training courses, each on a specific subject, such as:

  • Changes to Customs and Export Business
  • Incoterms
  • Airfreight Security for Staff with Access
  • Welding
  • CNC Programming
  • Business English

As part of the vocational training program, trainees participate in seminars which develop their professional and personal skills. In this context, the goal is to connect real working-life applications at Manz with the theoretical knowledge gained during vocational school. These seminars focus on areas such as communication and rhetorics as well as thinking and acting in a business-oriented manner.

In addition, trainees can also attend exam prep courses offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to ensure that they go into their exam well prepared.

Parents’ Nights:

Involving parents in the vocational training program is particularly important, especially for underage trainees – that’s why Manz launched a Parents’ Night, which is held once annually. Here the parents have the opportunity to get to know the company and, in particular, the various training managers. CEO Dieter Manz personally introduces parents to the company and, together with the head of HR and the training managers, is available for questions. In addition, the trainees present the projects they worked on and the experience they gathered over the previous year such as on trips abroad.