Appeal of Working at Manz

It is the combination of little things that make a job appealing, and every employee has their own personal standards when making this assessment. But, ultimately, everyone wants to look forward to work in the morning – and Manz does its best to ensure that this is the case.

Appeal of Working at Manz

Personalized Onboarding

Manz offers a number of personalized onboarding measures to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and can begin your work as quickly as possible.

  • During the first two weeks after starting a job at Manz, all new employees take part in a number of onboarding events selected by their respective supervisor in order to become acquainted with the company. These include:
    • An introduction to the company
    • An introduction to the divisions
    • An introduction to individual fields of activity/departments
    • Training seminars on procedures and processes
    • PC and SAP trainings
    • Occupational safety instructions
    • And much more
  • In addition to general onboarding measures, technical training seminars are also carried out.
  • Every new employee is given a mentor who guides them around the company, helps them get comfortable in their new workplace, especially in their respective department, and is always available to answer questions.

Customized Training Seminars

One aspect that makes Manz so special is the company's own manz academy, which offers a variety of advanced education and training opportunities in technical, business, and linguistic fields. These training opportunities allow employees to continually develop their skills and help them take their careers at Manz to the next level.

Regular Performance Reviews

At Manz, we regularly conduct detailed employee performance reviews. This helps employees develop personally and professionally and lets them know "where they stand" within the company. The first performance review is held three months after starting a job at our company, with the second following at the end of the probationary period. After that, annual performance reviews are held with the respective manager – as well as additional development discussions, if necessary.

Internal Communication

Communication is important to us, and that is true across all levels of the company and all of our locations. To maintain the flow of information throughout the company, our employees are provided with up-to-date information about new contracts and organizational changes in weekly weekly department-wide meetings In its "goals discussion" held every quarter, moreover, the Managing Board provides information on the status of individual divisions, specific innovations and projects, as well as planned goals and strategies to all employees.

Furthermore, the company magazine "manzworld,", which is prepared for employees by employees, provides company-wide information on current issues, innovations, and events, profiling locations, departments, and individual employees.

Competitive Pay

At Manz, we believe employees should be compensated fairly for doing challenging work. As a result, we pay our employees a competitive, asset-creating salary. In addition, we also offer profit-sharing plans.

Trust-based Working Time

Mutual trust is very important at Manz. This is also reflected in our working hours model. The trust-based working time constitutes a flexible model for both our employees and the company. It enables our company greater flexibility to respond to order fluctuations. For our employees the trust-based working time means that they work independently and time-autonomously as there is no time recording. The compensation of extra work results from the economic success of the company. The basis for this is an attractive profit sharing scheme.

  • Flexible working hours, taking into account the core time (09:30 till 12:30 clock) and departmental service hours possible
  • Part-time hours available
  • Vacation time approved quickly (depending on projects)

Working Abroad

Manz supports its employees who want to spend several years working abroad – for example, at one of our locations in China or Taiwan.

Attractive Working Environment

At Manz, you work in modern, contemporary buildings which are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, our employees have access to numerous break rooms and coffee lounges.

Employee Restaurant

To ensure that Manz AG employees and guests are always fortified for their work, each of our locations has an employee restaurant. This is where our employees meet for breakfast and lunch or talk over a cup of coffee after their meal.