Senior Mechanical Design Consultant


For our strategic business unit "Electronic Components" we are looking for an experienced mechanical design consultant. Our customers are located in the Semiconductor packaging, Flat-Panel-Display, and PCB markets. As an experienced mechanical design consultant, we expect you can support our design team to improve the competitive advantage of our product in our target markets.



-As a senior mechanical design consultant for Manz, you will participate in the development of many new products which include the development of photolithography equipment and automatic transportation systems, and the integration of visual diagnostics and measurement equipment to improve production quality and efficiency.
-We expect you can leverage your previous design experience to improve our equipment design to achieve shorter time to market and excellent cost of ownership. 
-If you would like more information on this opportunity before formally applying, then we would be happy to arrange a call to discuss this role and the company with you in more detail.


Education / Work experience
-Master's Degree or above and major in Mechanical Engineering.
-10+ Years Mechanical design Experience in electronic equipment area. 
-(Semiconductor / FPD / PCB field is better)
-Track record of successful leading projects from concept through design to production, and generate reasonable profit.

-Bright, conscientious, creative and passion
-Strong willingness to share knowledge

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