Manz AG – passion for efficiency


As globally active high-tech equipment manufacturer, Manz AG, based in Reutlingen, Germany, is a pioneer for innovative products in fast-growing markets. The company, founded in 1987, has expertise in five technology sectors: automation, metrology, laser processing, wet chemistry as well as roll-to-roll processes. Manz deploys and further develops these technologies in three strategic fields, the "Electronics," "Solar" and "Energy Storage" business segments.

The company has been listed on the stock exchange in Germany since 2006 and develops and produces in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, China and Taiwan. Manz AG also has sales and service branches in the USA and India. Manz AG has approximately 1,700 employees, about half of which are in Asia. Revenue in the past financial year amounted to EUR 325 million.

With its slogan “passion for efficiency”, Manz is making a promise to offer its customers – all companies active in important future markets – increasingly efficient production equipment. Like this, the company contributes significantly to reduce the production costs of end products and thereby making them available for a broad range of buyers worldwide. Therefore, Manz is continuously optimising its product portfolio. The aim is to achieve highly reliable production processes on the customer side while steadily improving performance parameters for products manufactured on Manz equipment. This makes the Manz Group an important driver of innovation, helping to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies of our times, such as sustainable power generation and storage, displays and devices for global communication and e-mobility.

Manz AG has its roots in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, historically one of the cradle regions of German engineering and today one of the world’s leading high-tech regions. Manz employs people from 28 countries and is active in all the important growth markets around the world.

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Manz supports a project called “Providing a future – metal workshop in Ethiopia”. This initiative offers vocational training to young people in Ethiopia.