Manz offers with the Patch Placement an additive method, which is suited for flexible manufacture of light-weight components from various roll materials. This additive method is suitable for the manufacture of components and products for the textile, sports, hobby and automotive industries.
The layer design principle allows for geometrically complex structures, which cannot be made using conventional manufacturing methods, or can only be very costly implemented. Since no special tools are needed, the patch placement method is suitable for the manufacture of individualized products as well as for the manufacture of product series.

Flexible manufacturing technologies are increasingly gaining in importance: adapted or even new products can be manufactured on one machine without retooling. This makes it possible to manufacture new component geometries in the shortest time span.

Additive manufacturing methods offer the greatest flexibility in comparison to subtractive methods. With subtractive methods, such as milling, boring and lathing, material is removed to shape the component. With additive methods, by contrast, geometries are created by joining material layers with minimal use of material and are thus are particularly resource saving and cost efficient.

Additive manufacturing methods from Manz are well suited for the following applications:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Small quantities and/or customer-specific adapted products
  • Individualization of products even on the series production level
  • Manufacturing on demand
  • Manufacturing on site
  • Shorter iteration cycles in product development
  • Manufacture of spare parts
  • Lightweight design
  • Functional integration
  • Monolithic assemblies