Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting right out of college and our pre-master’s program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Starting Right Out of College

What are my chances of getting a job at Manz directly after college?
We always accept applications from recent college graduates, since we have many entry-level positions that we like to fill with young people just beginning their careers. In addition to being qualified in the specific field and ideally having gained initial professional experience, you also need to have the right kind of personality.
Which fields of study are in particular demand?

Depending on the position and the area of business, we are looking for graduates in a number of different fields.

In general, we hire college graduates with degrees in mathematics, computer science, science, or technological fields such as mechatronics, electrical engineering, control/production/automation/process engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, physics, and chemistry.

And it goes without saying that we are also looking for economists.

Questions about the Pre-Master’s Program

What is a pre-master’s program? How does it work? Who is it geared towards?

Have you recently earned your bachelor’s degree (or will soon earn it) and are eager to finally gain some proper working experience? Yet, on the other hand, you still want to earn your master’s degree?

In our pre-master’s program, you can do both – while working at our company, you will become acquainted with the things you will later learn about in more detail during your courses. In this way, you can earn your master’s degree with subject-related and financial assistance from Manz.

What are the prerequisites for entering Manz’s pre-master’s program?

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as computer science, mechatronics, or mechanical engineering, as well as excellent grades. In addition to possessing outstanding knowledge in your field, we also highly value dedicated people with the following attributes:

  • A significant willingness to learn new things and great determination
  • A sense of responsibility and the ability to work independently
  • A high level of dedication and an independent working style
  • Social skills and the ability to work in a team
How long does the pre-master’s program last?
Depending on your field of study, college, or university, you will have classes for between two and three semesters. During this time, you will also work part-time at Manz. Afterwards, you will write your master’s thesis in one of our departments related to your field study, such as the Mechatronics/Application department. During the semester breaks, you also gain valuable practical experience working on independent project assignments, completing exciting tasks, and becoming acquainted with the diverse day-to-day operations at Manz. We want students who complete the program to immediately begin working for Manz, and this is definitely possible provided we are happy with your work performance.
Am I free to select any college/university and degree program myself?
You are free to select any college/university and degree yourself, but you should bear in mind that you will also be working part-time at Manz, which means that the college/university should be in the near vicinity. The degree program you select should be in a technical field of study (mechatronics, mechanical engineering, information technology, etc.).

Questions about the Application Process

How does Manz prefer to receive applications?
You can apply using our online application form, by sending an e-mail to, or by mailing us your application. We treat all applications equally regardless of which way you decide to submit it to us. We will send you confirmation that we have received your application within two days of receiving it.
Can I send an unsolicited application?
We publish a list of all available positions on our Job Listings page. You are also free to submit an unsolicited application which includes your desired area of activity.
Can I also submit an unsolicited application for the pre-master’s program?
Yes. Since we do not have any listings for our pre-master’s program, you must send us an unsolicited application which includes your résumé, cover letter, and supporting documents including a copy of your bachelor’s degree. We will consider your application and possible areas for you to complete the program together with the respective department.
How can I apply for a position abroad?
A list of all available positions – including international positions – is posted on our Job Listings page.
What does a promising application for an entry-level position look like?
Please ensure that your application is complete. This includes a cover letter which includes your salary requirements and the earliest date you could start work with us, a complete chronological résumé, references from your previous employer, and, if available, a copy of your bachelor’s or master’s degree, craft certificate, or a certificate showing completion of a vocational training program.
Will my application be forwarded internally to other locations or divisions?
Yes, because every application is carefully examined by our HR department in coordination with our technical departments. Which means the more extensive and compelling your application is, and the more flexible you are with regard to the location of your workplace, the higher the probability is that your application will be successful.
How does Manz conduct the selection process?
If your application is selected on the basis of the documents you submitted, we will invite you to a personal interview with an HR representative and the supervisor from the respective technical department. As part of a second selection interview, you will often have the opportunity to meet with several coworkers and get an idea of what the job entails.
How can I prepare for my job interview?
Please carefully consider what you your skills are, what you expect from the position, what your professional goals are, and why you are a good match for the position you are pursuing and for Manz as a company. You are also welcome to write down questions beforehand that you want to ask during the interview.
What can I expect during the job interview?
When we invite you to a personal interview, you have already made it over the first obstacle – we liked what we saw in your application and are interested in getting to know you better. Be honest and authentic and use the opportunity to truly determine whether the position and our company are a good fit for you – because that’s what we are also going to do.