When participating in the pre-master’s program at Manz, you are enrolled at your college/university in a master’s program in a technical field (mechatronics, mechanical engineering, computer science, etc.) and are also employed by our company part-time. During the semester breaks, you also gain valuable practical experience working on independent project assignments, completing exciting tasks, and becoming acquainted with the diverse day-to-day operations at Manz. At the end of your degree program, you also write your master’s thesis at Manz.

This means you will be able to systematically combine theoretical knowledge with real-world applications – while working at our company, you will become acquainted with the things you will later learn about in more detail during your courses.

Rolf H., Group Leader Technical Training and Documentation, on his Pre-Master's-Program at Manz:

“After writing my final project for my bachelor’s degree in Manz’s Mechatronics development department, I was accepted into Manz’s pre-master’s program upon beginning the master’s degree program entitled Mechatronics Vocational Training at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.
Already at the beginning of the Pre-Master's program a subsequent direct entry as a technical trainer was agreed. So I was able to go through different technical areas at Manz and realize many interesting projects on my own responsibility. At the same time I was able to implement theoretical content of my studies into practice. One highlight was my four-week trip to South Korea, where I assisted my colleagues on-site and carried out customer training sessions.
The pre-master’s program confirmed my career choice, and I am looking forward to continuing designing customer training sessions and carrying them out around the world as a technical trainer at Manz.”