By starting your career at Manz directly after college, you can take on responsibilities right from the beginning, complete challenging assignments, and – when doing so – put your own ideas into action. In addition, we also quickly offer you interesting possibilities both in Germany and abroad.

We will challenge you – but also support you: before starting work, you will complete a personalized onboarding program that will get you ready for your specific area of activity. And it goes without saying that you will also receive continued assistance in overcoming your new challenges, which will allow you to grow from them both personally and professionally.

Melanie L., HR specialist:

“I could imagine my future career as an HR specialist as early as my training as an industrial management assistant. I was all the happier when I got this chance at Manz right after getting my bachelor’s degree.
Through my internships, work-study activities and finally my bachelor’s thesis, I got to know Manz very well as a company. I especially value the close, respectful camaraderie and the exciting assignments — every day at Manz is full of variety.

At Manz I was able to face a lot of different challenges right after I graduated. As an HR specialist, I deal with our core functions, such as software development and construction, among other things. I am also the contact for the internal Manz Academy and help employees and managers continue their development. My broad scope of duties and helpful coworkers have acquainted me with new tasks and prepared me for new challenges, so I’m always developing and gaining experience.”