Participating in a program at Manz will allow you to gain practical experience and get to know our corporate structure – and, at the same time, will bring new ideas and fresh wind into our company. The result is an exchange which everyone ultimately benefits from.

In order for this exchange to occur, we offer a variety of internships, final projects, and part-time jobs for students in degree programs, including:

  • Voluntary internships
  • Internships for an entire semester
  • Part-time jobs for college students
  • Final projects from students in bachelor’s/master’s/German Diplom degree programs

It goes without saying that you will receive a competitive level of pay and a subsequent career opportunity at Manz – for example, in the form of a part-time job while pursuing a degree, a final project, or even a full-time job – is open to you provided we were happy with your performance, as the following statements show.

And if you are currently considering pursuing your PhD at some point in the future, we offer an on-the-job PhD program as well. More information about this program is available here.

Hannah M., student trainee:

"I'm studying 'International Business' at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen. I decided to work at Manz AG as a student trainee so I could apply the theoretical knowledge I gained from the university. As an international company, Manz is a very good fit for my degree. I worked as a student trainee in Service, in the Sales & Corporate Strategy Development department and in the HR department. This gave me lots of opportunities to gain insight into the company, which was really valuable. These are just some of the things I like about Manz: how helpful everyone is, friendly and open interaction in my team, and how varied the work is. The flexible working hours are also a great advantage for me because it's easy to combine my work with my studies."