Manz’s Corporate Culture

Passion for efficiency

Our slogan “Passion for Efficiency” summarizes what we promise to deliver in only a few words: we want to offer our customers production lines of continuously higher efficiency so that they can fully tap the potential of the future markets they are active in.

At Manz, this slogan isn’t only communicated outwardly, but is also lived and breathed internally. This is because our employees are not only extremely knowledgeable, but also extremely passionate. This forms the foundation of our powerful innovative spirit. Our employees stand behind what they do and believe in the technologies of the future that Manz makes advancements to. This can be seen in a variety of ways – such as in the solar panels owned by Manz employees that are installed on the roofs of our company buildings.

Working Environment

Kari R., Product Manager, Wet Chemistry:

“Our interactions are characterized by trust, appreciation, and reliability, and this shapes Manz’s corporate culture.”

We are a young, dynamic, and innovative company which has grown significantly during the past few years. Despite growing in size, however, what has not changed is that across all organizational levels we still interact with one another like we are all part of one big family. We use the American form of address, that is, we address each other with “Du” or “Sie” and the person’s first name. This makes working with one another easier and also makes it easier to approach each other.

Fast and direct communication between employees in our company is important to us and is actively supported. We have a strict open-door policy, which means our doors, including the doors to managers’ offices, are always open.

Respect and esteem are the defining qualities which shape the way we interact with one another. Services which one employee must perform for another employee are completed with the same level of quality and punctuality as if they were to be completed for a customer.

Working Style

Manz is active in exciting, dynamic growth markets and has impressed customers for over 30 years with new, innovative products and its unmatched level of reliability. Our employees form the foundation of this success, all of whom work in a dedicated and determined manner, pull together when working in a team, and repeatedly think outside the box.
Our employees have the space they need to work independently and develop their own ideas, but are also willing to assume responsibility; acting in a responsible manner is highly valued at Manz. Areas of weakness and problems which may become apparent are discussed openly, and everyone tries to use their personal skills to help reach a rapid solution.

Our corporate culture is not only reflected internally in the way we work together to complete our daily work, but is also visible outwardly in the way we interact with our customers and suppliers. We conduct all of our business in a fair, clean, open, and honest manner. Honesty, fairness, and responsibility for what we do form the basis of our decisions and actions.

Team Spirit

Team spirit at Manz is an inherent and indispensable part of our culture, and allows us to achieve our mutual goals in a consolidated effort. We support each other and coordinate with one another, something which is made easier thanks to Manz’s open and informal culture. Our employees are highly motivated and dedicated – success is rewarded and gladly celebrated together. This includes staff Christmas and summer parties as well as outings which each department organizes on its own.

Management Philosophy

We understand management as the profession of results-achieving. This profession, like all other professions, is learnable. For this we invest time and money. Our executives are all trained uniformly according to our internal "management framework". At all levels of management, we ensure professional management effectiveness, not least because of a unified management understanding. Our executives demand self-initiative and independence and have the task of developing and promoting employees in a strength-oriented manner.

Our managers challenge employees to work in a proactive and independent manner, and give their subordinates regular feedback – both in regularly held performance reviews as well as spontaneously and directly. At Manz, these conversations are not monologues, but dialogues in which our employees are urged to give their managers feedback as well. And among colleagues, we interact with one another in an open and honest manner.