Functions and Areas of Operation

A company can only operate profitably when those running the company have access to up-to-date and, at the same time, reliable data on the company's liquidity and assets. Our accounting department calculates these figures by recording all of the company's transactions (the flow of payments and goods):

  • Financial accounting – managing company funds (current accounts, money market accounts, loans, securities, currency transactions)
  • Asset accounting – valuing purchasing or self-produced assets and investments
  • Managing all accounts receivable and payable, payment runs

In Manz’s design department, employees need technical expertise, creativity, and a passion for future technologies. Design is the intersection between project management, job control and preparation, sourcing, assembly, software, and final inspection and commissioning, and encompasses an extremely wide range of different assignments.
These include:

  • Developing mechanical and electrical concepts, preliminary designs, and detailed designs for components and systems
  • Creating safety concepts and preparing risk analyses
  • Calculating and designing components, conducting and working with others on FMEAs (failure mode and effect analyses)
  • Adhering to target costs, delivery deadlines, and budget targets
  • Supporting international design partners
  • Coordinating with suppliers and business partners
  • Working with others on the documentation for systems and machines (i.e. preparing engineering drawings, circuit and pneumatic diagrams, parts lists with information on spare parts and consumables, operating manuals)
Final Inspection and Commissioning / Service

At Manz, Commissioning is responsible for breathing life into our machines and Service is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly on-site at our customer.

The duties of Commissioning include:

  • Bringing systems into operation internally and on-site at customer locations, both domestic and abroad
  • Configuring and testing control systems, servo drives, and lasers
  • Conducting software and hardware tests
  • Working with others in drawing up the documentation
  • Conducting customer training courses

The duties of Service include:

  • Modifying/expanding equipment on-site at the customer
  • Conducting maintenance on-site at the customer
  • Providing assistance over the phone in the event of problems
  • Conducting training courses
  • Bringing systems into operation internally and on-site at customer locations, both domestic and abroad
Human Resources

Our HR department views itself as a partner and guide for all the people working at Manz and as the point of contact for personnel consultants, government agencies, universities, colleges, schools, and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

  • Hiring specialists and managers in a timely manner as needed
  • Developing and supplying HR management tools (e.g. management style and management tools, management models, salary structures, and incentive systems)
  • HR marketing (e.g. participating in employment fairs and college fairs)
  • HR development – measures to maintain and improve employees' qualifications (e.g. training, education, development, and coaching)
  • Personnel administration – carrying out all personnel-related administrative and informational duties (e.g. creating personnel files and duties related to calculating wages and providing employees with information)

Today, electronic data processing is the basic requirement for many business processes. Our IT department guarantees the availability, security, and adaptability of our IT infrastructure across all Manz locations. Our IT employees are responsible for the following duties:

  • Installing and operating server systems at various Manz locations
  • Making the network available and making enhancements to it
  • Guaranteeing IT security (virus scans, firewalls, external access points)
  • Making applications available to the departments such as SAP and CAD
  • Supporting the departments by optimizing IT-supported procedures and processes
  • Assisting users in the event of questions and problems (IT help desk)
  • Training employees
Marketing & Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is one of the most important means of achieving long-term success on the international market. Our employees in this department are responsible for transparent communication within the company and externally to media outlets, customers, suppliers, investors, decision-makers in the worlds of politics and business, and other stakeholders. As a result, the duties of this department as just as varied:

  • Investor relations – annual and quarterly reports,ad-hoc disclosures and company news, annual general meeting of shareholders, conferences ...
  • Public relations – press releases, interviews, presentations, website, social media, events ...
  • Market intelligence – analyses of markets, customers and competition, analyses of customer behaviour and needs, customer satisfaction and loyalty, etc.
  • Product communication – product brochures, data sheets, videos, trade fairs and customer events, website, newsletter, press releases, advertisements, etc.
  • Internal communication – intranet, staff magazine „manzworld“
  • Employer Branding – further development of the Manz employer brand (in cooperation with HR)
  • Sponsoring
Organization and Process Management

When it comes to processes at Manz, this department is where everything comes together. The processes are illustrated in ViFlow or in presentations and are conveyed to employees in training seminars. These processes are reviewed using internal audits.

The following duties are the responsibility of our "Orga" department:

  • Quality management across all Manz locations
  • Internal assistance for the technical departments regarding the use of IT systems
  • The interface between SAP advisors and Manz
  • Defining changes to SAP and implementing them independently or monitoring changes carried out by external advisors/developer
  • User support in the event of SAP issues
  • Planning and carrying out training measures
  • Defining and monitoring data interfaces with subsidiaries
  • Coordinating occupational safety management
Process Development

In order to be able to offer reliable equipment with a constantly increasing level of integration, the continued development of individual processes and their implementation in our high-tech production systems plays an important role at Manz.

  • Observing the market
  • Conducting trials/tests/evaluations:
  • Planning trials with the goal of recreating a process extremely similar to mass-production conditions (statistics)
  • Designing process equipment
  • Selecting and evaluating industrial partners
  • Determining the technical compatibility of the partner and Manz
  • Working together with development partners (institutes, universities)
  • Providing technical support to the sales team during the customer acquisition process
  • Providing technical support to the sourcing team
  • Final inspection and commissioning of equipment on-site at the customer
Product Management

The job of our product managers is to combine technical expertise, individual employees’ expertise, and the market’s needs in such a way that our company can always develop new, innovative solutions for our customers – and, as such, launch profitable, market-driven products.
Some of the main duties of a product manager at Manz include:

  • Managing a product range – recognizing market innovations and using this information to come up with appropriate development projects
  • Initiating and managing innovation projects pursuant to the company's strategy
  • Preparing market, competitive, and application analyses
  • Conducting feasibility and profitability analyses
  • Improving products and solutions on an ongoing basis
  • Responsibility for product life cycles
  • Controlling/reporting for innovation projects
  • Optimizing the company's organizational structure and workflow management
  • Technical and disciplinary supervision of employees
  • Communication and cooperation with all internal and external interfaces
Production / Assembly

We prefer to manufacture the functional and structural parts our high-tech machines are assembled from ourselves. We carry this out at manufacturing locations in Tübingen, Germany, and Debrecen, Hungary, using state-of-the-art CNC processing equipment.

  • Manufacturing individual parts and small batches which meet high standards of quality according to diagrams
  • Continuously optimizing tool, mounting, and production technology
  • Creating CAD/CAM programs for five-axis machining centers
  • Advising the design team on possible materials and production methods when working on newly developed parts and test components
  • Adhering to target costs and delivery deadlines

We assemble our high-tech production and processing systems at our locations in Reutlingen, Tübingen, and Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia.

  • Assembling complex, high-precision subassemblies and machines from high-quality parts and components (either individual pieces of equipment or in small batches)
  • Continuously optimizing assembly procedures and processes
  • Supporting the development and assembly of prototypes and providing technical guidance in the creation of assembly documents, assembly instructions, and inspection sheets
  • Documenting assembly progress, changes, and follow-up work
  • Supporting our service teams in setting up and commissioning our equipment on-site at the customers until final acceptance
  • Training employees at our subsidiaries
Project Management

Project management at Manz forms the intersection between sales, technical fields both in development and production, as well as administrative functions. In addition to these interdisciplinary, internal assignments, direct interaction with customers expands this area into an interesting career choice that requires both technical understanding and the ability to think in a business-oriented way.

As a result, project managers at Manz assume responsibility for costs, adhering to the schedule which needs to be created, and product quality. The resulting duties are exciting and varied, and the project manager enjoys broad and yet clearly defined freedom to lead the project to both technical and economic success.

The exciting and diverse assignments carried out by project managers primarily comprise the following duties:

  • Supporting the sales team during the acquisition phase of a customer project together with the product management team
  • Obtaining the information from the customer that is necessary in order to successfully complete the project within the technical fields
  • Managing a project team consisting of members from various technical departments
  • Defining, reviewing, and adhering to target costs, delivery deadlines, and product qualit
  • Monitoring the development and manufacture of the product through the use of ambitious and, at the same time, achievable milestones
  • Monitoring the project's status and assisting the acceptance tests on-site at the customer
  • Supporting the service team in the event of technical challenges at the customer's location
  • Representing the company in a professional manner when dealing with the customer in order to acquire follow-up orders and maintain a successful business relationship

As the saying goes, "profits are made on the buy, not the sell" – and, at Manz, this idea is becoming increasingly important. This is because with a COGS-to-sales ratio of far more than 50%, the responsibility and importance of the purchasing department's individual duties also grows within the entire supply chain. Its close collaboration with the technical departments and the constantly increasing level of internationality make purchasing at Manz an exciting area to work in.

Duties include:

  • Responsibility for purchasing regions in different classes of goods, independently obtaining and evaluating quotes, and comparing prices
  • Ensuring that materials are delivered on schedule in coordination with production management
  • Observing the market and acquiring new supply sources
  • Integrating system suppliers into the development process in order to optimize overall costs
  • Close collaboration with design and production
  • Monitoring projects from the procurement side using indicators pertaining to delivery dates and costs
  • Initiating cost-cutting measures
  • Global sourcing activities in close collaboration with subsidiaries in eastern Europe and Asia
Quality Management/Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) at Manz supports all internal company processes with the goal of increasing effectiveness and efficiency in all areas. In this context, quality processes do not only apply to one location, but have an effect within the entire corporate group.

Main duties include:

  • Operative complaint management with suppliers: in this function, QA acts as the interface between Assembly/Final Inspection and Commissioning, and coordinates sourcing activities with the supplier
  • Defining and conducting incoming goods inspections and preliminary acceptance procedures at system suppliers
  • Participating in supplier audits by the sourcing and supplier development teams
  • Operative change management: in this function, QA acts as the interface between development, production, and sourcing; here QA also deals with suppliers on a technical level
  • Preparing supplier evaluations and communicating with the supplier
  • Managing testing equipment within the scope of ISO 9000

Our employees in this area are responsible for selling our innovative systems in exciting future markets such as those for photovoltaics, flat panel displays, and lithium-ion batteries.

Main duties include:

  • Technical support of local sales offices – preparing documentation and documents for coworkers at foreign sales offices, including product presentations, quotes, specification sheets, etc.
  • Observing the market – active participation in events (trade shows, conferences) offers valuable input regarding new market trends such as new technologies and demands on our systems; regular contact with our core customers gives us valuable information which helps us bring the customer development road map in line with Manz's developments.
  • Improving the market position of existing divisions – supporting existing customers and strengthening our position there, acquiring new customers in familiar areas of business
  • Working with other teams on defining new products and new divisions – this should be viewed as a "strategic duty;" the goal is applying Manz's core competencies to our areas of business; these activities are carried out with the purpose of answering the question of how we can introduce familiar technologies and products in areas of application which are new to Manz
Software Development

Our application engineers work tirelessly on
developing software applications, perfective maintenance, and standardizing software applications.
Their main duties include:

  • Creating software concepts in coordination with the design department
  • Creating software specifications and documentation
  • Software development
  • Supporting the rollout of software applications internally and on-site at the customer
  • Development of customized software for individual customers