Manz Italy Srl

Via San Lorenzo 19
40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)

Phone +39 051 0287 228
Fax +39 051 842890


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Company History

Manz Italy has been established in April 2014 following the acquisition of the mechanical engineering division of KEMET (formerly Arcotronics).
Arcotronics was founded in 1972 in Sasso Marconi near Bologna and has set worldwide standards for over 40 years in production technologies for capacitors and for nearly 30 years for Lithium batteries. In 1986, Arcotronics pioneered into the battery market supplying winding machines for lithium primary cells. Thus, Manz Italy can draw on long-term experience in engineering, development, and fabrication of semiautomatic and automatic production equipment for Lithium-ion batteries.
95 highly qualified employees are working for Manz Italy in a total area of 5,100 square meters.

Product Portfolio: Lithium-ion Batteries

  • Automation equipment for the manufacture of batteries for consumer electronics (e.g. smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops)
  • Assembly lines for large-size cells, suitable also for automotive sector (HEV/PHEV, EV) and energy storage systems
  • Pouch cell technologies: roll to roll cell assembly including electrolyte filling and sealing
  • Competence in dry room cell assembly machines (such as cylindrical and prismatic winding, stacking, electrode notching, lamination)
  • Expertise in cell packaging (vacuum filling, cylindrical and prismatic can, pouch cells)
  • Know-how in design and process engineering (such as lamination, cutting, metal welding, folding and packaging)

Product Portfolio: Capacitors

  • Worldwide more than 4,000 plants and machines for the production of almost all kinds of capacitors sold: winders, assembly lines, and customized solutions for plastic film and (multi-tab) electrolytic capacitors, box capacitors, high voltage capacitors, and double layer super capacitors
  • Current focus on solutions for process automation and on development of advanced winding and assembly machine concepts for spiral wound capacitors
  • Equipment for capacitors is placed on the market under the brand name “Arcotronics”
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