Electronic Components

Mechanical engineering solutions for the production of electronic components as IC substrates, semiconductor package, and displays.


With machines and systems in the areas of wet chemistry and automation technology as well as integrated inspection systems, we offer highly efficient production processes – for both flexible and rigid substrates in all sizes used in the production of TFT-LCD, OLED, Mini-LED and cover glasses.

With our solutions, we are already working with our customers today on the standards of tomorrow. Thanks to our partnership-based cooperation with display manufacturers, we ensure that the complex manufacturing processes run more efficiently, manufacturing costs are reduced and the end products thus become even more affordable.

Advanced Interconnect Applications

Interconnect stands for the complex wiring that electrically connects a large number of different individual components (electronic components such as transistors) on a substrate.

The more densely the ever-shrinking chips are packed together, the more interconnect layers are needed to integrate all the chips – a growing challenge but an important component. This is because interconnect structures play a significant role in the system performance of the components.

Manz specializes in advanced interconnect applications. We supply lithography and electroplating equipment that meets the critical process requirements for high-density redistribution layers (RDL). In addition, we meet a wide range of customer requirements with our expertise in laser technology and automation.

Our portfolio includes both stand-alone systems as well as fully integrated solutions from a single source for the production of circuit patterns on substrates and other electronic interconnect systems. With the implementation, we met the criteria of manufacturers and set the metric in the market segments for IC-Substrates and semiconductor FOPLP (Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging).

The use of innovative production equipment from Manz significantly increases the performance of production capacities. This gives our customers a significant competitive advantage and enables them to meet the ongoing market demand for ever lighter, thinner and better electronic devices.

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