Our turnkey production line for the manufacture of CIGS thin-film solar modules. An investment in the future.

The Turnkey Production Line for Photovoltaic Modules

As one of the pioneers in photovoltaic mechanical engineering, we began bringing photovoltaics from the laboratory to the factory floor over 30 years ago. Since then, our solutions have helped solar companies offer their end products at lower prices and get them to market faster and faster.

Today, we are a provider of turnkey production lines for thin-film solar modules based on CIGS thin-film technology.

Regardless of whether you use the turnkey line to manufacture and sell CIGS thin-film solar modules, or whether you want to use the manufactured solar modules to build solar farms for power generation: With the CIGSfab we offer a solid, profitable and sustainable investment opportunity in the solar sector.

Why Thin-film Photovoltaics instead of Crystalline Solar Technology?

In a conventional crystalline solar module, a large number of individual solar cells are soldered together and mounted between a glass pane and a film. A crystalline solar cell is based on a silicon wafer, which in turn is sawn from a silicon block. This wafer of high-purity silicon is up to 100 times thicker than the semiconductor layer CIGS of a thin-film module. This is vapor-deposited directly onto a glass pane in a vacuum system in just one process step. The use of expensive semiconductor material is correspondingly higher with crystalline technology. In addition, the direct application of the semiconductor to the glass substrate eliminates the labor-intensive and complex multi-stage process of raw silicon, wafer, cell and module production.


  • Reduced material use, sustainable and local production
  • Lower cost per kWh than crystalline solar technology
  • Better temperature coefficient - more performance at high temperatures
  • Reliable modules, successfully in use worldwide
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