Medical Technology

From the idea to the final product – we develop the right production solution for you. Our many years of experience in automation and process development in the manufacture of production solutions for electronic products make us your ideal partner in the field of digital healthcare.

Smart Medical Devices

In the medical field, smart medical devices support patients and doctors, for example, in monitoring health data or dosing medications. This places high demands on the safety and reliability of the products.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the assembly and testing of electronic components, our customers in medical technology benefit from this extensive know-how in the manufacture of smart, electronic devices. These include, for example, fitness trackers, digital injection and inhalation systems, sensor-based glucose measurements, readers for blood glucose strips, analyzers for PCR tests, blood pressure monitors, insulin pumps, or patch-based infusion systems. 

With our innovative and modular production facilities, we ensure consistently high product quality with complete traceability of the components and process parameters used. In this way, we help to improve the quality of life – especially of chronically ill people.

Cardiac Management Systems

In the production of pacemakers, defibrillators or systems for home health monitoring, such as cardiac monitoring, the focus is on product safety. Our reliable equipment guarantees compliance with the high quality requirements throughout all production steps. Our extensive know-how in laser technology, automation and integrated testing systems enables you to manufacture and inline test your cardiac rhythm systems to the highest quality.

Together with you, we create the conditions so that your customers can rely 100 % on your products.


Implants must be of impeccable quality as well as fully traceable in order to ensure the appropriate product quality at all times and to decisively improve the health of patients.

With our high-precision laser marking systems, we ensure this legally required and patient-specific traceability of implants.

For the production and labeling of orthopedic products, we supply safe production solutions, innovative automation and feeding technology, integrated testing methods and process technology, all from a single source.

Products that can be manufactured on our equipment include implants for the knee, shoulder, elbow and hip, dental and surgical screws, bone saws or surgical instruments.


Our service for the medical technology market

Orthopedics Manz
  • Early development of process knowledge
  • Elaboration of quality plans and complete documentation
  • Elaboration of a qualification master plan (QMP) and test documentation
  • Execution of risk analyses (FMEA)
  • Qualification adapted to customer specifications or according to international standards (GMP, GAMP5)
  • Elaboration of design documents for validation (FDS, SDS, HDS)
  • Execution of qualification tests at Manz and at the customer's site
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