The diversification of our business model makes us independent of the development of individual market sectors and gives us important advantages in global competition.

Market conditions can change quickly and often cannot be controlled even by their own participants. We see these developments as an opportunity, because this is where the great strengths of our company lie. Thanks to our wide footprint and successful cross-industry technology transfer, we can compensate for temporary weakness in one branch by positively developing others. This reduces our dependence on single industries, and creates synergies that greatly benefit our customers.

We focus on fast-growing future markets with short product cycles. With our innovative products, we are trailblazers for future development and the emergence of key technologies for our era. Electronic components such as displays and touch panels, PCBs and semiconductors, as well as components of consumer electronics such as smartphones or tablet computers, electric vehicle batteries, stationary energy storage and solar modules are produced with our high-efficiency machines.

Our technologies significantly contribute to lowering the production cost of end products and to making them globally accessible to large groups of buyers.