Electronic Components

We lay the groundwork for continuously increasing end product performance while reducing production costs with our solutions for producing displays, printed circuit boards, semiconductors as well as automobile and industrial electronics.

Displays & touch panels

Whether computer screens, TVs, smartphones, tablet computers or operating displays at industrial workstations, important components of these products have been produced for many years on our equipment. In the manufacturing of LCD and (AM)OLED flat screens as well as touch sensors, our production technology has established us as a long-term partner for customers worldwide.


For the production of printed circuit boards and chip carriers, Manz offers wet chemical process technologies and equipment for laser direct imaging of printed circuit boards.


With more than 30 years of experience in automation, measurement technology and process technologies, we understand our customers' needs and offer modular solutions for a variety of assembly and process steps in the manufacturing of automobile and industrial electronics.

Advanced semiconductor packaging

As we approach the limits of Moore’s Law, the semiconductor packaging industry is already facing the dilemma of no longer being able to improve the performance of electronic devices through smaller chip size. Hence, the development of innovative packaging technologies has now become mandatory. Fan-out packaging is a new solution that the industry has been actively developing in recent years because it increases input/output operations per second (IOPS), reduces chip size/thickness as well as production costs. Utilizing the wet-chemical process technologies we have refined over the years, Manz is able to jointly develop fan-out panel-level packaging (FOPLP) solutions together with customers, providing automation, wet chemistry, and laser solutions.