Electronic Devices

With our modular, fully automated production systems, Manz can precisely meet the needs of the consumer electronics industry. For this we employ our decades of technological expertise in robotics, automation, image processing and screen printing, as well as control and laser technology.

Electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers and laptops are known for their extremely short life cycle. Fast product development and a continuous succession of new features in the end product are crucial to manufacturers’ survival. In countless customer projects we have already shown impressive capabilities in this field.

Our customers — renowned manufacturers of smartphones, tablet computers and laptops, as well as their suppliers — use Manz high-tech equipment to meet the existential challenges of their markets: increasing wage costs in countries like China, demand for consistent high quality in end products, and protection of intellectual property.

When Manz is integrated in the design phase for new products, we can ensure that our customers’ intellectual property is protected as early as in the development stage.
Moreover, with our simultaneous engineering capabilities, we can considerably reduce development time while significantly lowering production costs by recognizing and eliminating error sources early.