Smartphones & Tablet Computers

Smartphones and tablet computers are firmly established in our everyday life. Continuing high demand, nonstop innovation and new features in the end product, plus increasing use of premium materials, make advanced, efficient production equipment indispensable.

Smartphones & Tablet Computers

Many production steps are still performed manually in the manufacturing of smartphones and tablet computers — and are thus prone to errors. Therefore, despite brilliant market prospects, manufacturers increasingly face challenges: Quality problems, reports of bad work conditions at supplier companies, and weak protection of intellectual property damage their image and further jeopardize profitable growth.

As an established partner of industry, Manz uses its fully integrated, automated production systems such as the assembly platform "Manz LightAssembly" to decrease human risks, thus increasing the quality of the end products and contributing to improved work conditions. Moreover, continuous deployment of new processes extends the life of the end products — as substrates are cut using lasers instead of mechanically.

Our customers usually involve us as early as the design phase of product development. This allows us to consider IP protection at a very early stage.

With our comprehensive technological expertise, we can thus help in a variety of ways to ensure that the smartphones and tablet computers made on our equipment meet the highest quality standards.