Energy Storage

Manz AG is one of the leading provider of production equipment for lithium-ion battery cells, modules and packs as well as for capacitors. In this area, we have been setting standards worldwide for 30 years.

The storage of energy is a hot topic for the future. Successful energy transition requires an efficient storage medium, just as emission-free mobility does. Even in consumer electronics the quality of the battery determines the lifespan of the final product.

With our globally unique technology portfolio for the production of all current cell concepts — from wound button cells to stacked pouch cells — we play a major role in the continued development of lithium-ion battery technology.
We offer our customers individual machines for laboratory production, equipment for pilot and small series production, complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for battery manufacturing. All system concepts are distinguished by their high production speed, high precision and reliability.

Our product portfolio covers the following range:

  1. Production solutions for lithium-ion batteries, super-caps and capacitors in e-mobility
  2. Production solutions for lithium-ion batteries and capacitors in stationary energy storage for private households and large photovoltaic systems
  3. Production solutions for lithium-ion batteries in electronic devices, such as tablet computers, mobile phones and laptops

Our services range from battery cell production — reel/sheet to cell — to assembly of individual battery cells in a battery system — cell to pack.