As a pioneer in designing and building photovoltaic machines, we have 30 years’ experience in taking photovoltaics from the laboratory to the factory floor. Our solutions have helped solar companies offer their products at a fraction of their original cost and bring them to market faster and faster.

As energy requirements increase worldwide, the percentage of renewable energy sources in the overall energy mix is also growing. Photovoltaics — direct conversion of light energy to electrical energy — plays a crucial role in this development.

In more than 50 % of the countries worldwide, solar energy has reached grid parity. This means that solar energy costs are now at the same level as conventionally produced electricity, or even lower. This will make photovoltaics increasingly attractive — even without subsidies — in countries that are heavy energy users. The result will be strong growth worldwide.

We offer customers automation solutions for the production of crystalline solar cells as well as the latest production equipment for manufacturing thin-film solar modules. Our goal in the area of thin-film technology is to cover all relevant processes along the value creation chain with technology we develop in house.
Our product portfolio sets international standards in terms of efficiency increase while reducing production costs. We cover the following areas:

In contrast to crystalline solar technology, the deposition of the semiconductor in thin-film solar technology occurs on a glass substrate. The name of this technology is due to the fact that the conducting layer is about 100 times thinner than in the case of crystalline technology.