Business Model

Fossile energy resources are limited – but locally produced renewables are the future. Choosing Manz means selecting a strong and reliable partner. Choosing the CIGSfab means selecting a mature business model for your investment.

Business Model

In order to place your investment in a Manz CIGSfab on a solid basis, essential preconditions have to be taken into consideration. Following factors have to be evaluated to identify the attractiveness of a location for a photovoltaic (PV) business:

  • Level of feed-in tariff for PV
  • Clauses concerning the share of local value added
  • Installation targets in PV set by government
  • Solar radiation
  • Development of energy costs and demand

Besides these basic parameters, the profitability of an investment in PV has to be considered in particular in comparison to

  • conventional power generation (oil, coal, gas)
  • other renewable energy solutions (crystalline PV, wind, water)

Therefore, following financial key figures are crucial:

  • LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) to measure and compare energy costs of different technologies
  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) to measure and compare the profitability of an investment. Our experts are happy to calculate the IRR specifically for your CIGS project.

The profitability of our business model is reflected in these key figures. Within this model the Manz CIGSfab forms the basis for a cost effective power generation business that could look like this:

  • The Module Manufacturing Company sells the CIGS thin-film modules according to an offtake-agreement to a Power Generation Company
  • The Power Generation Company installs the modules and pays for the offtake quantity
  • The Power Generation Company sells the generated energy and receives payments according to the valid feed-in tariff