Investor Value

As the owner of the most profitable solar module manufacturing technology, Manz provides a solution for sustainable power generation that creates value for both clients and investors.

Investor Value

The Manz CIGSfab unites sustainability with profitability — and already does so starting at an annual production capacity of only 150 MW. In crystalline solar technology, an investment in the gigawatt range is necessary to achieve the same results.


  • LCoE below 0.03 EUR/kWh
  • Production costs (fab CoO) below 0.3 EUR/Wp
  • OPEX (Operational Expenditure) at 0.2 EUR/Wp


  • High local content of more than 70 %
  • Sustainable access to renewable energy
  • Resource saving power generation

The Manz CIGSfab is currently one of the most profitable investment opportunities in the energy market.
By investing in a fully integrated turnkey production line for CIGS thin-film solar modules you can reach lowest cost of energy and thus maximize your profit.