Levelized Cost of Energy

PV technologies are revolutionizing power generation.

Levelized Cost of Energy

LCOE of CIGS technology

Today, costs of energy generated by PV are already in the range or even below of conventional power plants. Compared to different PV technologies Manz CIGS modules even undercut the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of crystalline PV modules.

As a result of the low production costs combined with a very high energy harvest, with less than 3 EURct/kWh the Manz CIGS technology offers the lowest LCoE compared to all other energy sources.


Various test sites with Manz CIGS modules in all relevant major climate zones prove that CIGS modules provide the most competitive energy harvest in terms of climatic conditions, pollution, and irradiation angle.

Our turnkey production line CIGSfab covers all process steps of the manufacture of thin-film solar modules. This vertical integration along the PV value chain at only one single production plant is the key to reduce production costs for PV modules because the profit margins and logistics costs within the value chain are omitted.

In respect of the manufacturing costs for the module itself as well as the BoS (Balance of System), the Manz CIGS technology is the most attractive solution for a PV investment. The Balance of System (BOS) encompasses all components of a photovoltaic system (wiring, switches, mounting system, solar inverters, etc.) other than the photovoltaic panel.
To manufacture a CIGS panel, only a few different conductive layers are deposited onto the basic glass substrate which are then connected electrically. This means that compared to crystalline solar cell production, the use of cost-intensive materials (like silicon) is kept to an extreme minimum. The production of a panel is far less complex, and the largest portion of the value chain (beginning with the production of the glass panels) takes place within the country.