Scope of Services

The scope of services of the CIGSfab includes not only the production equipment and the right to use the CIGS technology but also a comprehensive training and service package.

Scope of Services
  • IP & Technology

    • Exclusive access to the research results of the R&D joint venture "NICE PV Research Ltd." of Manz, China Energy Investment Corporation Limited (formerly Shenhua Group) and Shanghai Electric
    • Know-how and IP to run a stable process in 24/7 with highest yield and efficiency
  • Education & Training

    • Implementation of continuous education and staff training program on all different levels
    • Hands-on training for engineers and operators
  • Service

    • Ramp-up support, after-sales service
    • Extended technology upgrade packages
  • Equipment

    • Most efficient manufacturing equipment built to highest German engineering standards

Exemplary visualization of the business model outside of China