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  • Corporate Film 2019

    Corporate Film 2019 Video (11/22/2019)

    Manz AG is a global high-tech equipment manufacturing company. With many years of expertise in automation, laser processing, vision and metrology, wet chemistry, and roll-to-roll processes, the company offers manufacturers and their suppliers innovative production solutions in the areas of photovoltaics, electronics and lithium-ion battery technology.

  • Battery Notching BN Series

    Battery Notching BN Series Video (08/28/2019)

    Notching equipment of the BN Series are highly efficient solutions for the manufacture of individual electrodes or electrode webs for hard-case or pouch cells. With our notching machines all mechanical or laser-based notching processes can be performed.

  • Battery Lamination & Stacking BLA Series

    Battery Lamination & Stacking BLA Series Video (07/15/2019)

    The BLA Series is a flexible platform for laminating and stacking mono- and bi-cells in the production of pouch cells or prismatic cells (roll-to-cell). Due to its modular design, it is freely configurable and can be used for both, as a pilot line and for mass production.

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  • Martin Drasch Series


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  • Dieter Manz JPG (576.53 KB, 05/25/2019)

    Founder, main shareholder and member of supervisory board of Manz AG

  • Hannes Reinhardt JPG (376.21 KB, 05/24/2019)

    head of the business segment Solar at Manz AG

  • Insights in our production halls Series

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  • Manz AG Headquarter at Reutlingen JPG (1.02 MB, 05/22/2019)

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