Download Area: Pictures & Videos

  • Thermal laser activation of an adhesive element (schematic illustration) JPG (209.45 KB, 03/25/2019)

    Touch displays on smartwatch housings are sealed water-tight. The red adhesive element is fed fully automatically and is laser-activated.

  • DLC 820 JPG (1.68 MB, 03/25/2019)

    DLC 820 for highest demands in terms of precision and purity in medical technology

  • M-Cut Laser Cutting Process: Graphic PNG (547.97 KB, 03/25/2019)

    With the M-Cut laser cutting process, the material is “perforated” linearly – with a diameter of just 2 micrometers.

  • M-Cut Laser Cutting Process: Workpiece Geometries JPG (232.75 KB, 03/25/2019)

    Microscope slides, lenses and displays: The M-Cut laser cutting process knows no limits when it comes to workpiece geometry.

  • Assembly platform LightAssembly: example configuration JPG (300.58 KB, 03/25/2019)

    Example configuration of Manz LightAssembly inline assembly platform with loading and unloading unit, conveyor, two lifts and assembly and process stations.

  • Assembly platform LightAssembly: individual modules JPG (288.18 KB, 03/25/2019)

    Individual modules of the LightAssembly platform will now be available in a stand-alone version. These stand-alone systems can be easily integrated in existing non-automated production lines as an island-based or decoupled production solution.

  • Assembly platform LightAssembly: 3D laser triangulation JPG (519.64 KB, 03/25/2019)

    Using 3D laser triangulation, this module measures the recess in a notebook's housing where the touchpad will then be seamlessly inserted.

  • Electronic Components - Stripping JPG (1.29 MB, 03/25/2019)

    G4.5 Stripper - Rinse Section - Brush Unit

  • Electronic Components - Reworking JPG (1.43 MB, 03/25/2019)

    G8.5 PI Rework - PI Stripping

  • Electronic Components - Slit Coating JPG (1.1 MB, 03/25/2019)

    G2.5 Slit Coater - Non-contact Coating Design

  • Electronic Components - Developing JPG (1.31 MB, 03/25/2019)

    G5 Over Coating Line Developer - Chemical Knife

  • Electronic Components - Cleaning JPG (1.35 MB, 03/25/2019)

    G8.5 Pre-PI Cleaner - Air Knife Section