Flexible materials are indispensable in the production of flexible printed circuits (FPC), printed electronics, flexible thin glass, flexible solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, power caps, flexible OLED displays and more.
Hence, roll-to-roll (R2R) technology is an essential component for the process automation of flexible materials. Manz provides a highly integrated and scalable R2R system for different process applications that is equipped with standardized interfaces.

Advantages of our roll-to-roll technology:

  • Coverage of a wide range of load, speed, material width and dynamic motion profiles
  • Quick exchange of roll material
  • Precise and highly dynamic process control capability for stable production processes (excellent tension control, even of ultra-thin foils)

Our highly integrated R2R process equipment solutions can be used in:

  • R2R wet chemical processing
  • R2R chemical bath deposition
  • R2R slit coating
  • Roll-to-Sheet (R2S) cutting
  • R2R lamination and encapsulation processes
  • Laser scribing and -ablation on flexible substrates
  • Optical inspection of flexible substrates
  • Packaging, sealing and welding of flexible substrate stacks
  • Drying and curing of flexible substrates

Following flexible materials can be wound and unwound:

  • Plastics and synthetic materials like PET, PE, PEN, PP…
  • Metal foils
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Fabrics (e.g. textile, composite fibers)
  • Prepregs (preimpregnated fibers) like carbon fibers or glass fibers