BLA Series

The BLA Series is a flexible platform for laminating and stacking mono- and bi-cells in the production of pouch cells or prismatic cells (roll-to-cell). Due to its modular design, it is freely configurable and can be used for both, as a pilot line and for mass production.


Several independent modules are combined to perform the individual process steps, such as

  • Unwinding of pre-notched electrode rolls and separator material with highly precise tension control
  • On-the-fly cutting of the electrodes and placing between the separator
  • Heat and press lamination for a mechanically stable connection of electrodes and separators
  • On-the-fly cutting of laminated cells
  • Integrated optical and electrical testing as well as immediate sorting out of bad parts
  • High-precision stacking into a workpiece carrier

The materials are covered by a belt protector to avoid contamination by particles or sticking of the separator onto the laminating unit. Web alignment units increase the cell capacity through optimal utilization of the active material.


  • Increased productivity through one of the fastest cell assembly processes
    • Simultaneous processing of four layers of material
    • With up to 400 mm/s material speed at least twice as fast as any other alternative stacking machine
    • Very high and stable process performance
  • Unproblematic change of product size or configurations (axial/radial) possible thanks to the high flexibility of the production line
  • High quality and safety of the cells
    • Avoidance of short circuits in peripheral areas of cells, since the separator of the laminated cells during battery operation shrinks to a lesser extent than in non-laminated cells
    • Full traceability of the cells
    • Minimal rejects in follow-up processes thanks to a quick analysis of defects in an integrated reject station

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Dimensions (L x W x H)

13,300 mm x 2,150 mm x 2,200 mm


1.5 t

Production rate

Up to 240 mono-cells per minute

Material speed

Up to 400 mm/s

Possible mono-cell sizes (L x W x H)

80 – 360 mm (incl. tabs) x 80 – 180 mm x 3 – 28 mm

Mono-cell total width/length

± 0.30 mm

Mono-cell stacking accuracy

± 0.40 mm

Maschine setup time

approx. 4 hours



Additional technical data is available on request at any time.

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