BLS 500 – Battery Laser System

The BLS 500 is a flexible, modular platform for different laser processes in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Structured on a standardized machine base, you can assemble in just a few steps an individual machine configuration which suits the requested application.


Regardless of whether it is a stand-alone system with manual work piece loading or a component of a fully integrated production line: the BLS 500 offers the maximum of flexibility, performance and precision in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Besides the configuration of metrology, level of automation and housing you can choose from the following laser processes:

  • Laser welding of metals with different (also reflecting) material partners (e.g. arrestor connections, seal welds of housings)
  • Overlapping welds of thick upper with thin lower materials
  • Micro welds with low thermal influence zone
  • Welding of thick copper
  • Laser marking of texts, codes and samples on wide array of materials
  • Laser drilling holes in the widest array of materials
  • Laser cutting of metals, plastics and compound materials
  • Partial removal of material and coatings

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  • Very appealing overall operating costs thanks to the modularity and versatility of the machine
  • Optimal results due to high process safety of laser applications which have been tested for years:
    • High welding seam strength
    • Stable and repeatable welding depths even with adverse material pairs
    • High degree of freedom in welding seam geometry and welding seam cross-section
  • High flexibility:
    • For small facilities, pilot projects and mass production
    • Subsequent retrofitting to other processes or workpieces possible at any time due to standardization
  • Significantly shorter delivery times due to modularity and standardized units


Standardized machine base

1800 mm, others upon inquiry

Standard parts size

up to 1000 × 500 × 300 mm, larger parts upon inquiry

Reproducibility of the axis system

+/- 5 µm

Safety standard

CE laser class 1

Additional data for single process modules available on request.

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