BN SERIES – Battery Notching

Notching equipment of the BN Series are highly efficient solutions for the manufacture of individual electrodes or electrode webs for hard-case or pouch cells. With our notching machines all mechanical or laser-based notching processes can be performed.


The BN Series cover a variety of different notching processes:

  • Constant Pitch
  • Progessive Pitch
  • Double Progressive Pitch
  • Central Barefoil Constant Pitch

All processes can be implemented by mechanical cutting or laser cutting. Our notching equipment has one of the highest material speeds on the market and also offers one of the most efficient processes with simultaneous high yield.

The basic configuration of our notching machines with roll-to-roll process includes:

  • Winding and unwinding units for continuous operation of the machine
  • Web guiding system/EPC as well as web guiding rollers and vacuum rollers for minimal load and stress on the electrode web
  • Highly dynamic drive unit for notching tool
  • Inline quality inspection by integrated image processing
  • Cleaning system for possible existing particles

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  • Reduction of production costs by increased productivity
    • Efficient process by one of the highest material speeds on the market
    • High degree of material utilization by immediate recognizing and marking of defective material
  • Consistently high quality guarantees safety of battery cells
    • Constantly high-precision cutting of electrode material
    • Minimization of delamination, particle generation or wrinkles by gentle and low-stress material transport


Product ranges (for all configurations, special sizes available on request):

Roll width

130 – 350 mm

Tab pitch

90 – 300 mm

Tab size

7 x 7 to 20 x 50 mm

BN product series:







Mechanical roll-to-roll notching machine

BNR 200

BNR 500

BNR 700


Roll-to-roll laser notching machine

BNL 200

BNL 500

BNL 700


Single electrode production machine from roll-to-magazine

BNM 200

BNM 500

BNM 700


Fully automated production line from roll to winded and tested cell

n. a.

BNW 500

BNW 700

Technical data available on request.

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