DAH SERIES – Display Automated Handling

With extremely low breakage rates, automated handling systems of DAH Series reduce production stops caused by airborne particles to a minimum and thus ensure a very high yield rate in the production of TFT-LCD displays and touch panels.


Our product portfolio for the handling of glass panels covers loader, unloader, robotic handling systems, rotators and stockers.

  • Loader / unloader systems for CF and TFT substrates
  • Robotic automation systems apply to CF / TP sputtering process
  • Conveyor automations can be adopted to stocker system and robotic automation system


  • High production yield rate due to low breakage rate of <1/10,000
  • Cost saving due to small footprint
  • Shortest lead time – 6 months from PO to installation start
  • Customized design: High flexibility for perfect solutions


Market segmentation Touch Panel / Cover Glasses / a-Si TFT / LTPS / Fan Out

Substrate dimensions

G3 (550 x 650 mm) - G10.5 (3,370 x 2,940 mm)

Substrate thickness

0.3 mm - 2.2 mm

Substrate temperatures

Up to 160 ℃

Loading accuracy

< 0.3 mm

Breakage rate

< 1/10,000

Tack time (Depending on requests of throughput / carrier design)

15 seconds / substrate (G3 - G4.5)
22 seconds / substrate (G5 - G6)
25 seconds / substrate (above G7)

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