DST SERIES – Track Line solutions for lithography process

Manz DST Series combines a series of steps of the photo lithography process in the display production. It includes pre-treatment and post-treatment of the panels, photoresist coating and development. DST Series can be easily integrated in your existing production environment and disposes of real-time monitoring. Thus, it effectively reduces production variability as well as costs and improves the process yield.


The DST Series - Track Line Solutions includes cleaning, slit coating and developing process tools integrated with self-developed computer integration manufacturing system (CIM) and outstanding automatic handling systems.

  • Touch/Cover Glass (DST 100 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • A-Si TFT (DST 200 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • LTPS (DST 300 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • Fan-out (DST 500 Series)


  • No scratches, water or roller marks on the substrates after the processes
  • Slit Coater effectively reduces consumption of photoresist and thus improves production costs and yield
  • Real-time monitoring enables engineers to prevent defects in advance or to identify the cause
  • Outstanding integration ability of hardware and software effectively improves process yield and reduces production variability and cost
  • One-stop solution: From the equipment purchase up to software and hardware integration


Market segmentation Touch Panel / Cover Glasses / a-Si TFT / Fan Out

Production uptime

≥ 98 %

Substrate thickness

0.3 mm (0.2 mm demo testing)

Transportation pass

± 0.5 mm

Coating uniformity

≤ 2.5 %

Breakage rate

< 1/10,000

CD uniformity

3 σ ≦ 0.3 µm


Mitsubishi PLC with color touchscreen

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