DWS SERIES – Display Wet-Chemical Stripping

Manz stripping solutions of DWS Series realize a 100 % removal rate in the production of panels. Applied by spray nozzles, alkaline chemicals or solvents remove the photoresist from the glass substrates. Afterwards, an aqua knife, two fluid jets, and a DI water rinse wash the remaining chemicals and particles away.


You can individually configure and scale the various modules for work steps and handling tasks. The standard model of DWS Series comprises loading and unloading unit, conveyor and lift, stripping process, DI water rinse and drying chamber. The machine can be customized for different processes:

  • Touch/Cover Glass (DWS 100 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • A-Si TFT (DWS 200 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • LTPS (DWS 300 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • Fan-out (DWS 500 Series)


  • No scratches, water or roller marks on the substrates after the process
  • Suitable for alkaline chemicals or solvents
  • Multi-chamber design improves throughput and process
  • Excellent isolation effect and air pumping field control effectively prevent leakage of chemical gas and liquids and increase production safety
  • Cascade circulation system for chemicals reduces chemical consumption


Market segmentation Touch Panel / Cover Glasses / a-Si TFT / LTPS / Fan Out

Production uptime

≥ 95 %

Substrate thickness

0.4 mm ~ 0.7 mm

Transportation pass

± 0.5 mm

Removal rate

100 %


Mitsubishi PLC with color touchscreen

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