ELC 420 – Electronics Laser Cutting

The ELC 420 is a multi-axis laser machine with 4 process heads for high-throughput applications. It cuts and ablates material (preferably sapphire, glass or ceramics) by a short-pulse laser. The machine is designed in particular for highly precise processing.


The PLC controlled one-axis machine ELC 420 cuts discs (e.g. lenses) with a diameter of approximately 5.5 mm out of sapphire glass with several available laser sources. The wafers are either round (2 inch diameter) or square (up to 55 mm x 55 mm) and approximately 0.4 mm thick.

  • Stand-alone system or line integration
  • 2 process heads
  • Several laser sources available
  • Fully automatic handling (mass production) or semi-automatic handling (R&D) possible
  • MES interface
  • Integrated process metrology
  • Vision system available
  • Import of CAD files (e.g. DXF, DWG) possible
  • Fully integrated, high effective exhaust system

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  • Cost savings through high-quality cutting edges (no downstream processes such as grinding necessary)
  • Higher breaking strength of the glass compared to conventional cutting, as edge roughness is very low, no heat-affected zone (HAZ) and almost no chipping and micro cracks
  • High throughput through highly dynamic process
  • Fast format change possible for small batches


Working area:

Up to 4 material process chucks
Substrate size 55 mm x 55 mm


<±20 µm absolute
<±10 µm repeatability

Laser sources:

Several laser sources

Beam delivery:


Laser spot size:

10 - 300 µm




2,900 x 2,800 x 2,700 mm


5,000 - 5,500 kg

Power supply:

200 - 480 V

Compressed dry air:

6 - 7 bar

Cooling water:

5 - 20 l/min

Additional data available on request.

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