PLI 400 SpeedLight – PCB Laser Direct Imaging

The laser direct imaging (LDI) system PLI 400 SpeedLight is the flexible solution for efficiently producing high-resolution premium printed circuit boards (PCB). Thanks to the use of Manz LDI technology, you can fulfill the most demanding customer requests for circuit board production and lower your production costs by up to 75 % in comparison to conventional photolithography.


The LDI platform PLI 400 SpeedLight offers you the best possible flexibility when imaging rigid or flexible PCBs of all common sizes, and is also well-suited for a variety of specialized applications, such as oversized panels or ceramic substrates.

The throughput time for laser direct imaging is several times shorter than for conventional photolithography. This allows you to make adjustments and changes and correct errors more quickly and at significantly lower costs. Powerful graphics processors compensate for material distortions in real time.

  • Highest throughput of up to 360 exposures/h, even at high resolution, thanks to the use of 288 independent laser sources, 9 polygon modules, and the "Twin-Stage" double table system
  • Excellent registration accuracy of up to ± 5 µm (or 10 µm front to back side) on laser drill holes, blind vias, skyved markings, etc.
  • Reliable registration even without position markers thanks to innovative corner registration with edge extrapolation
  • Flexible registration and scaling modes, including individual scaling of independent panel regions or multiple panels per exposure
  • Dynamic data such as data matrix codes, serial numbers, or text elements can be generated individually and without a time delay for each individual use

The PLI 400 SpeedLight is available as an individual tool or as a combined solution for integration into a PCB production line with other Manz high-tech machines, such as loading and unloading, buffer, pre-cleaning, dry film laminator, mylar peeler, and developer.

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  • Increase efficiency and flexibility of product and production process with significant cost savings of up to 75 % through:
    • Quick and inexpensive adjustments, changes, and error corrections due to shorter throughput times
    • Real-time scaling/distortion compensation
    • Excellent registration accuracy allows to soften tolerances of upstream or downstream processes
  • High machine availability and low service costs
    • Consumable parts incl. laser sources easily exchangeable by trained customer staff
    • Low wear thanks to polygon mirror with air bearings



3,224 x 2,847 x 2,200 mm


5,180 kg


360 exposures/h (180 two-sided panels/h)

Light source

Laser diodes with 405 nm wavelength

Resist pattern

Minimum feature (line/space): 15 µm
Roughness: ± 2 µm
Data resolution: 2 µm
Depth of field: ± 300 µm


Front to back side: up to ± 10 µm

Panel format

Size, max.: 660 x 650 mm (expandable to 660 x 850 mm)
Thickness: 0.05 mm – 8 mm
Exposure field width, max.: 650 mm

Additional technical data is available upon request at any time.

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