PSG SERIES – Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems

Manz Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems for the PCB production focus on the integration between process units. Each independent equipment ,upstream and downstream, can be integrated into an automated production line in accordance with customer’s requirements. Manz has developed a series of CIM products for automated factories, automated equipment management, equipment monitoring systems, and on-site data collection.


Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems of Manz comprise:

In-line control system/block control system
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CIM control system / CIM PC system
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  • Management of production status, monitoring of equipment status and process data, as well as collection of equipment conditions
  • Management of mixed lots/WIP
  • Management of input and output of materials on the platform/port and control of self-defined incoming/outgoing materials
  • Product management, inspection of manufacturing parameters and validity of materials to prevent production mistakes in advance
  • Materials management, recording of parameters at each platform, automated switching of recipes
  • Data collection and calculation-based processing, real-time data display, historical data queries, trend charts, and deviation alerts
  • Connection with customer’s MES system, special data could be uploaded to be analyzed and managed by the MES


  • Save equipment handling, manual operation and controlling
  • Easy management and control of input and output of in-line equipment
  • Efficient manufacturing analysis via real-time production data and equipment status
  • Increase of production quality through elimination of incorrect settings
  • Integration in MES possible to realize a truly automated production process

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