PSG Series – PCB Wet-Chemical Flash Plating

Our PCB flash plating solutions of the PSG Series are designed for pre-plating a layer of copper in blind vias. The integrated machines are well combinable with a plating through-hole process, dispose of a horizontal conveyor system and cover following process steps: loading and unloading, acid rinsing, copper plating, rinsing, and drying.


  • Quick copper plating with high electric current density
  • Insoluble titanium mesh anode
  • Great covering power of blind holes ensures uniformity of copper plating thickness
  • Equipped with automatic control system to guarantee stable process parameters


  • Excellent cathode clamping design to ensure high electroplating efficiency
  • Excellent conveying structure design to avoid stacking or overlapping
  • Excellent anode shape design to ensure uniformity of copper plating thickness



max. 610 x 610 mm
min. 250 x 250 mm
(can be customized for different sizes)

Panel thickness:

0.2 mm - 2.4 mm

Bore diameter:

Blind hole: min. 0.075 mm A/R 1:1

Additional data available on request.

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