PWD Series – PCB Wet-Chemical Vertical Developing

Developers of the PWD Series completely remove dry films, wet films or ink which have not been exposed. Our developers for the production of PCBs are matched with stripping and etching processes, dispose of a vertical conveyor system and comprise following process steps: loading and unloading, developing, (descum) rinsing and drying.


  • Excellent resolution capability, no residue of dry or wet film
  • Vertical, contact-free handling for high production yield
  • Robotic loaders and unloaders for quick and accurate operation
  • Equipped with automatic control systems to ensure maximum uptime


  • Unique frame clamp design effectively eliminates problems concerning injection pressure and air pressure
  • Special drying design for clamping points guarantees no solution leftover
  • Developing section disposes of excellent defoamer technology



610 x 610 mm (can be customized for different sizes)

Panel thickness

min. 36 μm

Bore diameter:

Through hole: min. 0.1 mm A/R 10:1
Blind hole: min. 0.075 mm A/R 1:1

Resolution capability

12/12 μm


Additional data available on request.

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