PWP Series – PCB Wet-Chemical Black-Hole Process

Equipment of the PWP Series for the black-hole process (direct metallization) deposits conductive carbon on the hole walls as basis for electrolytic copper plating. Our integrated black-hole machines are well combinable with desmear process, dispose of a horizontal conveyor system and cover following process steps: loading and unloading, cleaning/conditioning, multiple rinsing and drying steps, black-hole process as well as micro-etching.


  • Very good process results for through-holes and blind holes
  • No dirt or residual chemicals after wet cleaning
  • High conveying stability with deviation of only ± 10 mm (with width control device)
  • Equipped with automatic control system to guarantee stable process parameters


  • Over 95 % modularized products
  • Excellent squeeze roller design with drag-out of ≤ 10 cc/m² to prevent chemical drag-out and contamination
  • Sloped-bottom tanks for chemical processes to minimize solution leftover
  • Sloped-bottom and small-volume tanks for rinsing process to improve tank turnover rate by 50 %



max. 610 x 610 mm
min. 250 x 250 mm

Panel thickness:

0.1 mm - 3.2 mm traditional PCB
0.8 mm - 12mm backboard

Bore diameter:

Through hole: min. 0.1 mm A/R 10:1
Blind hole: min. 0.075 mm A/R 1:1

Additional data available on request.

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