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Discover our latest developments and solutions in the Manz Technology Talk webcast.

Let’s talk about the transformation from the classic to the electric powertrain in the automotive industry!

Our automation expert, Jochen Mielke, will discuss the tasks that arise with the use of new components for the electrical transformation of automotive products. Learn how Manz can support you to meet the challenges.

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Equipment Alternative for Rotary Indexing Tables

When it comes to benchmark performance and productivity of production equipment for small parts, rotary indexing tables are ranked foremost. Unfortunately, homogenous indexing cycle times and limited access to the stations for maintenance and upgrades often makes it an inflexible automation solution for productions.

In this webcast, our automation expert, Dr. Martin Freundt, talks about our technological answer to flexible cycle time requirements. He will show why our platform is an attractive alternative to rotary indexing equipment for the processing and the assembling of various products – from small sized to mid-sized mechatronic assemblies as produced for medical or e-mobility applications.


Integrated Assembly Solutions

Only with excellent automation and process solutions, you can achieve high quality, high throughput, low production costs and competitive prices. But how can you accomplish all these goals?

In this webcast, our automation expert, Dr. Martin Freundt, talks about our assembly solutions for multiple industries and highlights the success factors of the latest implementation of our LightAssembly platform in projects for the automotive and electronics sector.

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