Manz in the Media

Experience Manz from different perspectives! Product reports, interviews or reportages about our company in specialist journals, magazines or on the web – here you can find a selection of how the media cover Manz.

  • Saft joins forces with European partners to develop the battery of the future

    French battery maker Saft has formed an alliance with European partners Siemens, Solvay and Manz to research, develop and build a new generation of batteries.
  • Technological change is clearly on the horizon PDF (389,01 KB · 26 May 2017)

    Dieter Manz talks to PES about the German high-tech engineering firm's unwavering commitment to the CIGS thin-film solar technology and how it is about to pay off.

    PES Solar – Issue 30, 2017
  • China embraces thin film PDF (607,04 KB · 28 Mar 2017)

    Thin film technology: Chinese state-owned companies are purchasing thin film equipment from European suppliers in a move that may shake up solar manufacturing. For the PV technology companies, the move could not have come too soon, but how will the Chinese state-owned coal, electric and building giants succeed where others have failed?

    pv magazine 03/2017
  • New breed of equipment supply: kWh not kWp PDF (779,52 KB · 5 May 2015)

    Thin film manufacturing: In a module market where profit margins are slim, developing PV power plants and selling kilowatt hours has been a successful next step for suppliers. Manufacturing equipment suppliers are increasingly framing their sales proposition in terms of kWh delivery, and Manz for one believes it presents a compelling offering.

    pv magazine – 05/2015
  • New Technology for Laser Drilling of Ceramic Films PDF (149,77 KB · 29 Jan 2015)

    Greater productivity with a divided laser beam

    Laser Technik Journal – January 2015
  • Nothing Less Than More Affordable Lithium-Ion Batteries PDF (444,34 KB · 16 Sep 2014)

    A new laser welding process as an even smarter way of making bonds

    Laser Technik Journal – 4/2014
  • New approaches to vacuum deposition PDF (594,35 KB · 12 Feb 2013)

    Vacuum deposition processes: A new tool that presents a different way of doing things certainly can get the attention of manufacturers. But are any PV manufacturers in the position to spend? Manz AG has found that the market is receptive to its new Vertical Coating System (VCS 1200), however the road to sales may prove more difficult.

    pv magazine, 02/2013
  • CIGS PV technology is one of the most promising technologies! (Korean) PDF (1,34 MB · 30 Jan 2013)

    Solar Today - January 2013
  • Centered in Taiwan, Expanding the Green Energy Industry Domain PDF (1,85 MB · 15 Dec 2012)

    Eric Chen, GM of Manz Taiwan, interviewed by Ministry of Economy Affairs, talking about the development and the future of Manz Taiwan.

    Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Window of opportunity PDF (3,51 MB · 8 Aug 2012)

    CEO Interview: 2012 has been a busy year for Manz AG. Already this year the company has opened new manufacturing facilities in China, released a new wet chemical tool and transferred 118 CIGS experts from Würth Solar into its own operations...

    pv magazine, 08/2012
  • Power up PDF (487,58 KB · 31 May 2012)

    PV suppliers: Suppliers of photovoltaic equipment are turning their attention to the energy storage market. pv magazine takes a look at this emerging trend.

    pv magazine, 05/2012
  • New chemical edge isolation tool from Manz offers higher process stability PDF (33,63 KB · 21 May 2012)

    Manz showcased its new equipment for wet-chemical processing of crystalline silicon solar cells at SNEC 2012 in Shanghai this May. The IPSG CEI 4800 is designed for chemical edge isolation (CEI) and phosphor silicate glass (PSG) post process removal.